Using Insurance to Pay for LASIK

We believe that excellent LASIK care from experienced medical professionals should be affordable to everyone. At Joffe, you can save 30%-40% on Custom LASIK while also getting the best in laser technology.


Is LASIK covered by insurance?

Almost no insurance plans in the United States cover the LASIK cost. Rather, insurance
companies make contractual agreements with LASIK clinics to provide a small discount on their treatment (about 10% to 15%) in exchange for being listed as the insurance provider’s LASIK clinic of choice. This is good for the LASIK clinic (they get more patients), but bad for the patient as it makes it seem like you don’t have options if they want an insurance discount.

Get a Free Lasik Exam

Instead of making contractual arrangements with insurance companies, Joffe instituted their Insurance Match Guarantee to provide patients with a choice. We will match the “out of pocket” cost of LASIK from any provider (with a similar treatment), even after the insurance discount is applied. This way the patient gets the same great benefit their insurance company appeared to provide, but they also have a choice in who their provider is. Its another way we keep the average cost of LASIK lower than the national average.

A number of patients have thanked us for this benefit, which allows them to choose a provider they feel comfortable with, rather than a doctor their insurance chooses based on a corporate contract or pre-negotiated profit margins. Simply bring your quote in to your Free LASIK exam to have the price matched.