We believe that excellent LASIK care from experienced medical professionals should be affordable to everyone. At Joffe, you can save 30%-40% on Custom LASIK while also getting the best in laser technology.

Joffe MediCenter was founded to provide high-quality Custom LASIK for the best cost of LASIK and value. We are proud to say that this vision has continued to this day with the combination of Everyday Affordable Pricing, excimer and femtosecond laser technology and experienced medical teams.

At Joffe, we work to keep our LASIK cost as low as possible to ensure that our patients can gain natural, 20/20 vision with Custom LASIK at an affordable price. Our Everyday Affordable Price includes All Laser LASIK at $1695 per eye, which is hundreds less than the average cost of LASIK eye surgery nationwide. Click here to schedule your exam and find out how affordable Joffe LASIK will be for you.

Get a Free Lasik Exam

In addition, you could qualify for our special promotional price of $295 per eye. Hundreds of patients qualify for the $295 special every year, but the only way to find out is to be evaluated during a free LASIK eye exam, where our doctors will take detailed measurements of your eye and vision to determine if they meet the parameters for the promotional pricing.

Insurance & Joffe Price Matching

We will match the “out of pocket” cost of LASIK from any provider (with a similar treatment), even after the insurance discount is applied.

Afford LASIK with Our Guaranteed Cost of LASIK Surgery

Many other LASIK clinics would like you to believe that you “get what you pay for” when it comes to LASIK care and outcomes. At Joffe Custom LASIK, the truth is, you CAN get the best in laser technology, experienced doctors AND great value.

Our goal is to provide the life-changing benefits of natural 20/20 vision at a price that is affordable to as many people as possible, without “cutting corners” when it comes to the things that matter; medical care and the patient experience.

So how do we make our average cost of LASIK eye surgery so low?

  • We like treating patients:
    • We like treating patients and seeing their lives changed in a matter of hours; it is deeply gratifying and a lot of fun. We simply would rather treat more patients at a lower price than our competitors.
  • We don’t “hide” costs in our standard price:
    • Many LASIK clinics offer LASIK cost for as much as $2,300 per eye that “includes everything”. However, what patients don’t realize is that the clinic’s cost are “wrapped into” the standard price for every patient, whether you use those services or not.
  • We have a great referral base:
    • We are very proud to say that we have a large patient referral base, which is a great sign of the care and visual outcomes we provide. It also means that we don’t have to spend as much money on advertising, which lowers our costs and the price we offer patients.
  • Keeping advertising at a low level:
    • At Joffe, we invest in as little advertising as possible so we can keep our costs low, which in turn allows us to lower our Everyday Affordable Price.
  • We don’t have expensive contracts with laser manufacturers:
    • We made a strategic decision early on to lease our laser systems instead of purchasing. This gives us the freedom to treat patients at the price we want, not based on the amount of a large loan that has to be paid back monthly.
  • We don’t answer to corporate stockholders:
    • Joffe MediCenter is owned and operated by the Joffe family, who has over 20 years’ experience in the LASIK industry. This means there are no corporate pressures to increase profit margin or to appease board members and stockholders. This allows us to truly treat the patient as our first priority.
  • Is it because we take LASIK insurance?:
    • “Is LASIK covered by insurance” is one of the most frequent questions we hear. There are very, very few insurance plans that will cover the cost of LASIK. However, at Joffe, with our Best Price Guarantee you can rest assured that we will match any benefit you may receive with any other provider. This gives you piece of mind that you are getting the best value on LASIK eye surgery cost, insurance or not.
Cost of LASIK Surgery – Affordable Pricing

So, how much LASIK eye surgery cost at Joffe?

We are very confident that you won’t find a better combination of excimer and femtosecond laser technology, experienced doctors and value as you will at Joffe Custom LASIK. Our prices are very clear and simple, paying between $1445 to $1695 per eye depending upon your custom treatment plan. Additionally, to show our support to the idea of patient value, we have instituted our Best Price Guarantee.

We want to provide the best price in town for Custom LASIK and give you no reason not to transform your vision with Joffe. To that end, we will match any other provider’s price for Custom LASIK, or give you $100 towards your procedure at the other provider. Call us: 877-815-6333 to find out more about the Joffe Best Price Guarantee.

Using HSA&FSA to pay for LASIK

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are an easy way for you to make LASIK even more affordable at Joffe, and we can help you every step of the way.