Joffe is the best LASIK place around, friendly staff!
Amber L

The doctors and staff were amazing! I would say this is by far the best investment I’ve ever made!
Anna B

Go and get your lasik at Joffe asap! It’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself.
Andrew N

The experience was awesome! I would refer my friends 100% with no problem.
Carmen O

Do Not Pass Go – Get lasik from Joffe immediately!
Patrick A

Joffe has a staff that is friendly and very professional, AND very competitive fees.
Shalonda R

Joffe was very professional & thorough in its examinations. What can I say: Great price, Exceptional people!
Cheryl M

Why go to Dr. Berkeley (@Berkeley Eye Center), when you can get Dr. Merkley at Joffe MediCenter, and save yourself thousands (and thousands) of dollars! In a word, my experience & results at Joffe were ‘awesome!’


My husband was really the one that wanted this surgery and I am the one that got it! I can’t tell you what a difference it has made for me! The surgery was a snap to have done and the staff is more than helpful, and and happy. I have no problem recommending Joffe at all!!! The only thing Joffe can do to improve its service is buy me a new car or take me out to a 5* restaurant followed by an evening of dancing. That would be nice. Other than that, I honestly had a great experience! I do not know how you can improve! Even your magazines were good! The staff “holds your hand” throughout the procedure and answers any questions you may ask. The procedure itself was a walk in the park! And FAST! I was never in any pain at all.
Connie P

The pricing was much better than other clinics I had researched. I highly recommend Joffe!
Dannette G

The whole experience at Joffe was excellent! Joffe is THE place to go to get your lasik done.
Julio G

My experience with Joffe was very impressive! Their staff is professional, helpful, and accommodating. The office was neat and had a great atmosphere. I was never pressured into getting the LASIK done. It is obvious Joffe cares about their patients!
Navpreet S

I tell my friends that the whole experience at Joffe was wonderful, and exceeded all of my expectations – everything from my initial phone call to schedule my appointment, through to my follow up care! This is honestly the vest money you will ever spend. Being given the gift of sight without glasses is truly awesome. Coming to Joffe makes it even better!!!
Yvette G

Staff was professional and friendly. Top notch office and facilities.
Chris B

I have already told friends to stop wasting their time and get their LASIK done at Joffe MediCenter because the people there are very friendly and professional and importantly the procedure costs half the amount of other places!
Miguel J

I find Joffe to be a first class organization! I really can’t think of any way to improve upon your current way of doing business.
Linda B

Great results, friendly staff and felt very comfortable with Doctor Merkley”
Christi N

Quick and Easy. Love the price and happy with the results!
Eric T

I liked that you treat it like a medical procedure and not like buying a used car. I really enjoyed not being pressured when it comes to something about my health. Also, the office was impeccable and the staff very professional. I had gone to an office in Florida and they were so pushy, I felt that for them it was all about the money and not about restoring sight, which is a far better and harder accomplishment.
Carlos A

Everyone is so nice… I could see myself being friends with them outside of their job honestly. It was very affordable.
Kyle L

The staff at Joffe is wonderful. They calmed my nerves before and during the procedure. They are friendly and answered all my questions without pause. Even the silly ones. I have not been in there one time where I was not greeted with a smile by the whole staff.
Michell Y

Joffe is the best place around, friendly staff!
Amber Y

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