This is the ONLY place to get your LASIK! – Cathy G

I had an excellent experience. Excellent set up, set up, and price! - Christine C

Well worth it! A friendly environment with staff who get to know you as a person, not just a patient. – Christine D

 Joffe is wonderful! I can see and it was a painless procedure! – Gretchen M

Ecstatic!!! Wore glasses all my life and this is such a wonderful feeling now. I wish I would have done this much sooner. This was the best decision I have ever made, and I tell everyone to do it! – Gary H

 Joffe makes every attempt to make the procedure
affordable and comfortable. The personal service
was very professional and courteous. The call from
Dr. Chaknis was over the top! – Larry P

My experience with the facility and the staff was, and continues to be, tremendous. Joffe is a great place ….. GO! – Lynn B

There is usually room for improvement, but in this case, my experience with the Joffe MediCenter was perfect. – Melissa C

 Loved Dr. Chaknis- his expertise, his friendliness and his humor! (And the fact that he was one of the first to get the procedure done himself proved he completely believed in the service he is selling and makes him 100% credible) Friendly, helpful staff and wonderful doctors! – Renee W 

I loved this place. Your people are awesome. I was nervous and they made me feel comfortable. My sister took me and she wanted her LASIK done also.  They gave her an exam, and treated her like she was already a patient. We love Joffe Medical Center. I was so blind before that right after the surgery I could see better in that first few seconds than I have in the last 25 years.
I didn’t see anything that I would have changed. All the info that I got before, during and after was great and helpful. That you all are awesome. Some of the nicest people that I’ve ever met and this coming from a southern woman! – Belinda S

 The prices are much better than everywhere else I checked and the staff there is awesome!! I have worn glasses or contacts since I was 6 years old, I love my new glassless face!!! Thank you so much! – Marla M

It is the place to go for lasik! – Reggie O

Great value, wonderful facility, good people. - Mae N

 It was a great experience.  I was very happy with the results.  I was made very comfortable and relaxed. - Valarie B

I would tell them to stop hesitating to have the surgery – just do it! – Ron M

I wish I would Have Had The Operation A Long Time Ago! – Mike K

Joffe is a great LASIK provider with a fantastic price and great service. Donald Y 

Everyone was friendly and informative. The pricing was definitely better than other LASIK providers. My vision is great! Follow up care has been good as well. Melvin L


I am very happy with the results and the value for my money. I tell my friends to check out Joffe, and I have even send them the brochures I received! Kari B

Great service and excellent care. Friendly staff who are always available to assist you with any questions Ronnie F

I didn’t feel like I was being rushed. Now that I’m doing my follow up visits I have found that I still have questions and the doctors and staff do not hesitate to answer them. It’s really been a good experience. I’m satisfied. Thank you!

The staff was very friendly and happy to see me! I almost thought I was at a spa the atmosphere was/is very relaxed. They were very knowledgeable about the procedure and answered all the questions I could think of. Virini J

I would tell them that I received very good service and care. I would recommend Joffe to anyone looking to get LASIK. Debbie J

I recommended my wife, so that states total trust in this awesome experience. Trust me she was apprehensive about it until I could see perfectly! Rick C

It is a great facility and wonderful staff.  I highly recommend it to friends and family. Stephanie E

I work in retail so I talk to a lot of people everyday and I recommend your practice all the time. The staff is by far the best and really helped me feel at ease with all my questions. I am very happy that I went with Joffe. Nycool Y

The results were everything I expected. You all run a professional, courteous and reasonably priced service. Ward D

Overall great experience, very happy with the outcome.  Doctors have all the experience and explain in fine detail what to expect. Shane B

The staff is nice, friendly, and prompt. They all do their job well. Joffe has the best price. Wlanvi Z

I am completely satisfied!  In my opinion Joffe is the best! I have already recommended my daughters for LASIK at Joffe! Geeta D

The staff is wonderful.  I can see and it was a painless procedure! Gretchen M

Staff and doctors were exceptional.  Friendly, patient with any/all questions and concerns you may have.  Made you feel welcome. Bob S

Great price and great doctors. The results were better than I expected. Suzanne N

LASIK at Joffe is an easy process run by professionals who make you comfortable physically and emotionally throughout it. William K

Exceptional service throughout, especially the post procedure care. All of the Joffe staff were professional, courteous and showed a genuine regard for my welfare. Daljit S

Very nice facility and staff. Also, they really seem to care. If you miss an appointment, they reschedule because they really want to check up on you. Not just brush it off like missing a normal doctors appointment. James E

You can’t go wrong with Joffe’s Lasik surgery and for the price is unbeatable. Very happy with the results  – no more glasses, I can see 20/20 now, thanks to Joffe.  I highly recommend Joffe to everyone – great service, great price, and great results! Trinh H

I am already sharing my great experience at Joffe, and how it’s helped improve my life.  I have become a spokesman for Joffe Medi Center. Montisa L

Excellent service with the personal touch! Kia P

I loved the caring personalities of everyone on the Joffe staff that I dealt with. Everyone was very informative and answered ALL my questions. Sharese M

Awesome experience all the way around! Jeremy C

A welcoming place that tells you the in’s and out’s of what Joffe has to offer. They don’t hide anything! Lubna M

Well worth it! A friendly environment with staff who get to know you as a person not just a patient. Christine D

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