LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Houston

What Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost? Houston Residents Can Pay Less

If you have considered undergoing reparative surgery on your eyes, but are concerned about the LASIK eye surgery cost, Houston patients have an affordable option in Joffe MediCenter.

Since the creation of our clinic, the founders, father and son team of ophthalmologists Dr. Stephen Joffe and Dr. Craig Joffe, have been committed to offering top quality patient care at an affordable price. These doctors believe excellent sight should not be a privilege reserved for only the wealthy, but instead should be affordable for anyone. They kept that goal in mind when founding all four Joffe MediCenters throughout the nation. Whether at our Houston LASIK Center or in Atlanta, Louisville, or Minneapolis, patients can seek top quality care at a reduced rate.

Our Everyday Affordable Rate allows our patients to have a fixed LASIK eye surgery cost. Houston patients can receive LASIK surgery at just $1695 per eye. How is that for affordable LASIK eye surgery, Houston? If you add up what you have spent to this point in your life on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and solutions, you will probably discover it to be cheaper to opt for LASIK, Houston!

More to Consider Than Just the LASIK Eye Surgery Cost. Houston Patients Have Concerns That We Address

For many patients, the cost of the LASIK procedure is not their biggest concern. Instead, it is their own fear of the procedure going wrong and leaving them with worse eyesight than they had to begin with. Or they are worried about the process being painful. Another common question is “How long will it last?”

Rest assured. LASIK has now been around for decades, and millions of people are walking the streets, all over the world, with perfect, permanent 20/20 vision due to LASIK. Houston patients at Joffe agree: the treatment itself is simple, safe, and quick.

Additionally, prior to the laser procedure, your eyes are numbed with anesthetic drops. This prevents you from feeling any pain during the actual laser treatment. Some patients do report minor sensations of pressure or discomfort, but it is brief and completely bearable. Any slight discomfort is quickly forgotten when you open your eyes post procedure and discover you now have perfect vision – permanently! Can you even imagine that?

Now that we have resolved your concerns regarding price, safety, and pain, what are you waiting for? Take the first step and call to schedule your free eye exam at the Joffe MediCenter closest to you. Our knowledgeable and experienced ophthalmologists will let you know if you are a candidate for LASIK and get you on your way to perfect vision. You can afford the LASIK eye surgery cost, Houston, if you choose Joffe.