Atlanta Eye Clinic

A Leading Atlanta Eye Clinic

Joffe MediCenter is a leading Atlanta eye clinic. Why? Because we offer affordable pricing, custom treatment options and exceptional care and value to all our customers. Eyes are as unique as your fingerprints, so we want to care for them in the best way possible. After all, you only get one set of eyes, so we do everything possible to safely improve your vision with minimal risk involved. Let us take a few minutes to discuss who we are and why we take our unique approach to LASIK eye correction.

Our Goals and Commitments as Your Atlanta Eye Clinic

Our goals are few and our commitment is simple. We strive to provide as many people as possible with better vision. We help reduce the dependence on corrective lenses, and we do so with the most advanced technologies. We charge an Everyday Affordable Price that is 30 to 40 percent lower than the national average. We also offer exceptional care through our experienced vision teams consisting of medical professionals. We do not feel that high quality care needs to be expensive.

Free LASIK Eye Exam

One of the first steps to determining whether our Atlanta LASIK eye treatment is right for you is a free eye exam. We perform a thorough eye exam where we screen for any issue that may cause complications. LASIK is not for everyone; the anatomy of the eye and current vision conditions could preclude going forward. Also, your age, occupation, leisure activities and personal expectations all help to determine whether you are right for LASIK. Atlanta is filled with laser eye centers that will tell you what you want to hear and disregard the risks associated with laser eye treatment. We are 100 percent straightforward and honest with our medical recommendations. If we feel that LASIK is not a good option for you, we will let you know.

The ideal candidate has astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness; is over 18 years of age and in good general health; has had stable vision for at least six months; has a healthy cornea and does not have a disease or condition that could impair the procedure or healing process. As your Atlanta eye clinic, Joffe helps to educate you about LASIK, including its risks and benefits. We also help you to understand that the goal of the surgery is to improve vision and help reduce the dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

See colors more vibrantly and small objects clearly without the use of corrective lenses. Here at Joffe, we look forward to discussing your desires and determining which of our custom laser eye treatments